Henson Orchards

William Leonard Hensen (1880-1982) was from Missouri. He moved to and settled to Yuba City, Ca, until his death in 1982. His legacy has been preserved by his grandson, Leonard Hensen. 

In 1924, an article titled the History of Yuba and Sutter Counties by the Historic Record Company out of Los Angeles, called Henson, “an active and practical vineyardist of the Tierra Buena section of the Sutter County… Henson has been met with unquestioned success in this line of work.”

Henson had several properties in Sutter County:

  • His home was ten acres of highly developed orchards and vineyards. 
  • He owned a five acre plot near Tierra Buena, also an orchard and vineyard
  • He was a joint owner of a twenty nine acre plot of Thompson Seedless grapes and walnut trees.  

Henson was born in Polk County, Missouri, in December of 1880. He was the second of twelve children and the only child to have emigrated to the West Coast. Henson was born into a large line of farmers and helped his parents tend their land from a young age, thus acquiring habits of industry and thrift which were the foundation of his successful career. 

Immediately before migrating to California, Henson was united in marriage to Etta Gallivan in 1905. He purchased a small ranch to cultivate and was a woodworker for the Ashley Ladder Factory in Sutter County. In 1911, he sold his ranch and purchased his home plot of ten acres. Soon, he acquired his other properties, enumerated above. 

William Leonard Henson was described by the Historic Record Company of Los Angeles as energetic and enterprising, whose efforts gained him well-deserved success. He was a member of the Woodmen of the World in Yuba City as well as a member of the Tierra Buena Center of the Farm Bureau of Sutter County. In 1921, he also became a member of the Associated Raisin Growers’ Association of California. 

Etta Henson, nay Gallivan, supported her husband wholeheartedly actively contributed the families agricultural activities. She was active in civic and social circles as well as a member of the Tierra Buena Woman’s Improvement Club. 

The Henson’s had three children: Mildred, Velma, and Lloyd. It is currently unclear which child, or children, carried on the Henson legacy. 

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